Nkateko.E Fakude. Who am I?

A phoenix rising. A maverick walking into her purpose.

I am the dreamer you read about in books. I have dreams that scare me and to some extent the people around me. Most important you need to know about me is that I am saved by the blood of Christ and I am not ashamed of His gospel. I aspire to be great someday. I believe that the power vested in me is too great to be contained. I want to uplift, build, inspire, teach, represent, motivate everyone around me… I just want to be great!

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in dreams and speaking things into existence. I believe in love. I am what my friends would call the life of the party, because I speak too much and probably almost always making jokes. in my defence though, I love happy people. I am a happy person and I want everyone around me to be happy. I love my quiet time, I would choose to be alone with my thoughts over going to the mall.