Let your light shine.

The decision to protect your light, like the decision to be happy is a decision you consciously need to make each day. Things will happen each day that make you want to switch your light off or dim it down a bit. When that happens that is when you need to soldier on and stick to your initial decision to be happy and protect your light.
Things will happen that will make you feel like you are not worth the light, that the fire burning in you and around you is too big and too bright, or even that it is too small and it is too dark for you to even attempt to shine. You are a diamond! You are meant to shine really bright. Who wants a diamond that doesn’t shine anyway?
You need to protect your light. You need to protect your peace. Treat these two things like they are sacred, hold them dear to you. Stay away from things, people or situations that threaten your light and your peace. You absolutely do not need anyone or anything in your life that make you feel like your light is burning too brightly.
Pray that you never underestimate the power of your light and that you live in this truth that your light is sufficient and that you were meant to burn bright. Pray that whoever or whatever tries to diminish your light in anyway gets the full spectrum. I am in my twenties and I am learning this I hope my younger audience learns this and lives in this truth.
Side note: I know that in life we ought to be accommodating, tolerant and understanding. However, you need to call yourself to order when your tolerance, accommodation or whatever of the next person is what is dimming your light because clearly you need to stay away. If you are ever in a situation where you have to dim your light then you don’t belong there. Figure out what dims your light and stay clear from it


Closing quote: “If being there means giving up a part of me then I don’t want to be there”-Nkateko Fakude.



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