Be a nice human.

If you are wondering if it really is that bad where we have to ask people to be nice human beings then the answer is yes! We are at that stage where we have to remind people that it is okay to be nice. It is absolutely fine to be kind. You are allowed to have a heart. You do not have to be negative.

Social media has taken the humility away from us. Because there is this façade you put on where you can be “anonymous” and say mean things to people you don’t even know. You start to believe that behaviour to be normal, like a liar who starts believing their own lies.

A lot of people have forgotten what life is all about. We forget the simple pleasures like smiling at a stranger and the stanger smiling back at you.

I saw a quote a few months ago that said “We are all just walking each other home.” That quote for me defined life, that small quote put life into perspective. That quote made me realise that it may look like we are walking different journeys, at different paces to different destinations but the point is that we are all heading somewhere.

There is absolutely no need to be jealous of your neighbour and the kilometres they cover, the people they meet along the journey. Look at it this way. You cannot afford to be negative, jealous, spiteful, angry not while we all walk this journey. Your water may run out and you may need a sip from my flask, think about this everyday. Are you sabotaging yourself or are you opening doors for yourself?

Closing quote: “One day you will be just a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one” – Unknown


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