Today we celebrate you.

What a strong human being you are. A survivor. A conqueror. For your courage today we celebrate you. For your faith in bad days. For getting back up after every fall. For wanting to try even when the odds were against you. For seeing the light, for holding on, for letting the light lead you home. We celebrate you.

We celebrate your love today. For loving even after you have had your heart broken a few times. For letting your heart soar like an eagle despite its bruises, we celebrate you.

We celebrate your dreams today, dreams achieved, dreams on vision boards, dreams only you know about. For even dreaming we celebrate you. For believing in yourself today we celebrate you.

How dare you believe yourself worthy of blessings! Worthy of good things! Go you! You are awesome. For defying the world, for ignoring status quo, for not letting the world set the standard for your life. For saying “yes I can” when the world said you couldn’t.

Today you are celebrated for your forgiving heart, for the second chances you have given to people some who time has revealed were not worthy of them. For nursing your heart back to health. For acknowledging when you were not okay we celebrate you. For offering your helping hand to others, for wanting others to succeed with you. For being there for others when their world was falling apart, for listening, for sharing, for your presence. We celebrate you.
Let us celebrate ourselves each day. Wake up and remember that you are valuable, you are special and that your presence on this earth matters. New month right around the corner, it’s not too late to start celebrating yourself. Speak it until you believe it

Closing quote: “Stop looking for people to clap for you, clap for yourself.” -Unknown


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