Miracle working God.

Have you ever prayed for a miracle?

When Lazarus’ sisters called Jesus they knew one thing: that Lazarus was dead! They did not know what they wanted Jesus to do but they wanted Him to do something. They were praying for a miracle.

Have you ever wanted something to change but you didn’t know what exactly you wanted to be different? You can’t even ask God for it because you just want a miracle? Well, God has done it before and He can do it again. This story just wakes up the believer in me.

Meditate on these words today: God sees my need, my weeping is not forever, he hears me as I call him. He always meets me at the point of my need and He always does what only He can do.

Sometimes that’s all we need to do. We need to ask God to do what only He can do while we stay faithful that our situation will change. John 11

Closing quote: “We call them miracles because they are beyond what our minds can begin to fathom.” Fakude.N


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