Definition: 1-in a state of peaceful happiness. 2-A state of satisfaction

Reaching this stage in your life is not as easy as the definition suggests. I think I can conclude that a lot of us have an element of dissatisfaction no matter where we are, what we have or who we are with.  Allow me to explain:

We are convinced that we can do better, we can accumulate more, we can do better than who we are with, heck most of us think we can be better people. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve. There is a fine line between being content and being complacent.

Complacent definition: uncritical satisfaction with oneself or with one’s achievements.     I am just saying that we need to be appreciative of the things we have in our lives and the people who are there to share them with us. The highs and lows of life itself are to be celebrated. DON’T always look for more, the wheel of life keeps turning despite your pursuit for greener pastures. Also don’t stop pursuing your dreams, you are capable of doing great things, in your pursuits be grateful, have a grateful attitude you will attract what you seek.

Be happy, celebrate now where you are. A grateful heart is a magnet for blessings. Besides, who knows what tomorrow holds? Comment down below what you are grateful for today.

Closing quote: “There is no joy without gratitude.”

– Brene Brown


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