Choose your sanity.

There comes a time in a person’s life where you just want to live your life , free of complications. A lot of things are just unnecessary. The drama! Jealous “friends”! Competitive “friends”! People who always take and take and never give!

You are allowed to cut ties with such things and with such people. You are allowed to take time to just breathe. You are allowed to put yourself first, to make yoyrself a priprity. As I grow I discover that life really doesn’t have to be complicated.

Alot of things will want your reaction but you do not have to react. Some peope/ situations will deplete you and make you feel like less of yourself. You don’t ever have to lose yourself not for anyone or anything.
Choose your sanity over and over again.
Choose happiness.
Choose peace.

“You don’t have to be in the ring fighting you can sit in the audience and still feel alive.”- Nkateko.F

What are some of the things you realise as you get older? Please share in the comments below


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