Two decades of living.

I have compiled a few lessons that I have learnt as a teen and most of them I bring with me into my twenties. In no particular order:

*People will judge you for any and every thing. If it genuinely pleases your heart and is legal I say do it.

*Don’t let people bring out “the worst in you”. You are a good person don’t let people change you.

*You really don’t have to explain yourself. Some things are yours to enjoy, to keep, to learn from and that too is okay.Not everyone is meant to understand and you do not owe anyone an explanation for following your heart .

*You are not everybody’s cup of coffee some people genuinely just prefer tea. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all.

*You are entitled to feel how you feel. People may not understand but your feelings are real and they shouldn’t be ignored.

*Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you know the reason ,sometimes you don’t and sometimes you don’t have to.

*What is supposed to happen will happen when it is supposed to happen. This is the beauty of life.

*Decide and do it. That’s all it takes to do most things. It is that easy and that difficult.

*Sometimes you have to do things by your self. It will be ten times more rewarding when you succeed, don’t be discouraged if there is no one there to clap for you.

*Deciding to be happy is not a once off, you decide bad things happen and you must decide again. You keep on deciding to be happy, to smile, to be a good person. It is a decision you must make constantly and consistently.

*Your true friends don’t keep tabs on the number of times they have done something for you. Your true friends love you at your highest and at your lowest. Treat them like the rare gems that they are. 

(Today I am thankful for life, for my family and for my friends. To my followers, you inspire me to keep on going. I am forever grateful for your support.)

Thank you all.


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