You are doing just fine.

I pray that you never forget where you come from and who you are. I pray you learn to stop underestimating yourself. That you know that you are capable of doing great things. You have come this far, imagine how far you can still go.

I want you to remember the sleepless nights. Remember the nights when sleep was a luxury you could not afford? Oh,I want you to remember! I hope you remember when eating was not a pleasure because you had tomorrow to think of. Days when your pockets cried out for company. When your shoes gave up on you, and your bare feet touched the tar. Days when it was all just too much yet you still never gave up. Nights when you cried yourself to sleep. Days where all you could do was hope, hope that everything worked out.

I want you to look back on the days when you kept it together when everything was crumbling down. Oh, the best! Days when people asked you how you were and you said you were “okay” and they couldn’t see the tears in your eyes because darling you just hid them so well. Wait, remember how you almost quit? you thought it wasn’t worth it and that happy endings didn’t exist. Those are precisely the days I pray you never forget. Oh , look how far you have come. You are doing just fine. 💡🌟💫| Elanora -Nkateko.F ™

Closing quote: “My whole teaching is this; accept yourself, love yourself, and celebrate yourself”



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