Remember to learn.

I do not know how many times I have said this. I do not think this is the last time I say it, because I still can I will say it again.

There is something to learn from each and every person you meet. There is something that each person you encounter knows that you don’t. There is something to learn in every day. There is something to learn in every experience. There is a lesson even in the smallest of encounters.

In our darkest of times there is a lesson to be learnt. Some people even say that you will keep going through the same “thing” until you have learnt the lesson you were supposed to learn the first time. This does not mean that you should make yourself comfortable at rock bottom. It simply means even at rock bottom where it is cold, silent, and lonely and dark there is lesson.

You do not have to see it while you are there, but remember that there is a lesson in everything. I think one thing that I try to instil in my mind as I grow is that “everything happens for a reason”. I think that is where my desire to learn comes from. It stems from my understanding that there are no mistakes in life.

You may be the very best in your field but there is always something new to learn, every day from any and every one. You better be willing to learn though, you can only learn from the people you say you want to learn from. If you decide that you are going to learn from everyone you meet this week you will learn. You need to make the decision to want to learn.

Have a positive approach to life. Go through each day yearning to learn, having the desire to find something out, to discover and you will be surprised just how much you learn. Every night before bed I always process what happened during the day. I wring my sponge and I prepare to absorb new things, new lessons, new methods, new names and new people. I basically just keep a clean slate for each day.

Have a positive attitude. Be willing to learn. You will learn.

What new things have you learnt recently?

Closing quote: “Even the wisest mind has something yet to learn.”

George Santayana


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