How we react to situations has a lot to say about us. Some people “let things slide” and others see an opportunity to become professional wrestlers. The same thing can happen to different people and how they react will tell you a lot about them and not what happened to them. The truth is that we choose how we react to situations, that is if we choose to react at all.

In that same breath, what we think of others has a lot to do with us than it has to do with them. Just as what they think of us has a lot to do with them and absolutely nothing to do with us. I noticed that people who would react a certain way in a particular situation expect it from you too. If someone would go around telling people your secret they fear that you are going to go around telling other people their secret. It is just what they would do so they expect it from you. Such is life.

I have started writing letters to people. I have letters for people who hurt me, people who lied to me, people who cheated on me, and people who betrayed me… It is my way of releasing the feelings that are bottled up inside of me. I never gave a letter to anyone but today I just thought I would add one to this blog and encourage you to share your “release letter” with me. A snippet of one such letter reads:

To my childhood bully: I hope you have dealt with your demons and have since stopped projecting them on other people. Yours: a victim of your psychological projection.

Ps (Remember my name) 

I am not bitter about what happened now that I understand that he tried to project his insecurities and feelings on to me. He tried to make me feel small and tried to make me feel like I was not worthy because that is how he felt. (I say “he tried” because he did not succeed). I realised that him calling me names had to do with him and nothing to do with me.We are not what happens to us, we are not our pasts, and we are not how other people see us. We are who we choose to be.

Closing quote: “You cannot conquer what you will not confront.”

-Paula White


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