I can’t wait to testify.

We all “go through things” sometimes. This is yet another thing that is not unique to just me. Some “things” are bigger and scarier than others, sometimes they take time and sometimes it is just for a short while. Bottom line we all “go through things”

Short story about me: I almost drowned back in 2013 and it was the scariest experience of my life and since that day I have stayed away from the beach, swimming pools etc. My family knows about this. In 2015 I was at the beach with my parents and my Dad says “let’s go a bit further at that time I could not even imagine going any further than where I was. He then says “I’m your Father I would never let anything happen to you” those words stuck in my head. I went in (of course he held my hand the whole time) and I must admit it was fun. Every wave that came I held on tighter and I worried less because I held on to his hand. LESSON #1 (Do not let go of God’s hand when it becomes scary/difficult/bumpy/… that is the time to hold on even tighter).

Storms are not the same when we are holding on to the Fathers hand. Just knowing that whatever it is that comes, however it may come, whenever it comes your Father is right by you is all the comfort you need. The other day when I was going through my latest “thing” I called my parents crying and they just said it was going to be okay and I should not forget to thank God. I literally stopped crying and I paused to listen to their reason for me praising God while things are not going according to plan. They basically just said with God I am guaranteed that this will only last but a moment and there will be a time when I do not even remember going through this storm. They told me that I needed to be thankful that I was going through this storm with God by my side and not alone. If He is letting it happen then it is nothing to Him and I needed to trust that He was taking care of it.

Later that night when I was praying like they said I should, I started thinking of how everything that I have been through is a testimony of Gods greatness. So from now on every storm that I go through (not that I am worried because I have God) I will think about the testimony that is to follow. Praising God in advance I believe is what it is called. So, it is not a storm it is your testimony giver. When we look at how big our problems are we turn our backs against God but when we look at how big our God is we turn our backs against our problems

Closing quote: “Stop telling God how big your problems are and start telling your problems how big your God is”


Ps: I am trying to overcome my fear because nothing and no one is greater than my God.


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