Keep dreaming.

You know how we are taught to never look back blah blah? Well, today I am here to preach a slightly different gospel. I want you to think back, as far back as possible. Remember the dreams you had then? Remember what you wanted? What you aspired to be? To have? How many of those things have you achieved? (Relax, I do not expect you to count just think about it for a second).

The truth is that we have all come so far. I may not know you or your story but one thing that is not unique to me is the fact that we have all come so far. We are not the people we used to be. Even if you say you “haven’t changed a bit” trust me you are not the person that you used to be. Life changes us all, not in a bad way or anything.

Life has been described by many, as the fire that turns the ugly and shapeless charcoal into a shiny crystal clear diamond. If life is this fierce fire then we certainly cannot remain charcoal. We are evolving into the diamonds we have been created to be, and are meant to be. Now back to my main point, YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID!

I remember a time when I used to want the things that I have now. I used to dream about these things and now here I am! These things range from the childish and adorable “I just want to be older, I want to dress like my mother,I want to wear high heels…” to the slightly more declaratory statements and dreams like “I want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse…” I always wanted for someone other than my English teacher to read my work and here we are today. I am a living testimony of the power of your dreams.

Please do not let your dreams die. The time may not be perfect right now but there is a reason why you had that dream in the first place. Let us be like little children who have not yet known limitations. Let us dream higher than the sky, further than the eyes can see. Believe in your dream. Nurture your dream, do not let it die remember dreams do come true.

Closing quotes:

”It is the possibility of having your dreams come true that makes life interesting.”The Alchemist.

Even if there are no guarantees to the future that we dream of we cannot stop dreaming” Angela Davies


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