Impossible? To who?

Think about it. If someone is unable to do something they hardly ever say I could not do ABC they say it is impossible to do ABC. In fact, saying something is impossible is disrespectful! That person would have undermined your abilities based on theirs. I have seen weird things on the internet. I have seen people who can lick their noses with their tongues, I have seen people who could lick their elbows… Before I saw these people do these things I thought of these acts as impossible. My reasons?

1)    I had been told so.

2)    I had also attempted to do these acts and failed therefore confirming #1 above

I am pleased with people who try doing these things even when the world has declared them impossible. I am proud of them because they do not take the failure of one as the failure of the world. They want to declare something impossible to themselves and not be told that it is impossible by people who have tried and failed.

Think about the great men and women in our history who have done great things. Can you imagine how many people looked at them and said that what they were trying to do was impossible? Did they stop? Did they give up?  NO! Today we know their names. This should be a lesson to us that we have the ability to dream and see our dreams become reality. We have all we need to realise our dreams. The world does not easily adapt to big dreams and big dreamers, do not be shaken by the world’s reluctance in accepting your dream/s.

Think about it this way, now you really have to succeed because there are people waiting on you to fail. There are non-believers that you have to convert. Never ever have small dreams because the world doesn’t easily accept big dreams. Let them jeer, let them mock you, let them call it impossible. Remember their words when you want to quit and most importantly see your dreams into reality!

Closing quote: “Impossible is a challenge”– Nkateko.F




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