Just do it!

Has anyone ever told you these wise words before? If not do not despair , there is a reason you are hearing them from me today.

There is something deep inside your heart that you have always wanted to do. You keep delaying it. You keep making excuses why today is not the perfect day. You keep letting the world convince you that you can not do it, you are not good enough, smart enough… You have compiled a long list of reasons why it is not such a good idea , reasons why it can not work. Well, today I say JUST DO IT.

The truth is there will always be someone out there who is prettier than you, smarter than you, fitter than you, savvier than you but you are you and that is what makes you different.
They are great as them but they can not be you and that is why only you can do what you have been destined to do on this earth.

Think about it , you are brought into this earth to fulfil your purpose and you spend your life thinking about all those other people who could possibly do it “better”.

This reminds of those days in primary school when the teacher would call you by name and look you dead in the eyes to give the answer to a sum on the board . Everyone knows who was called, even you know she called you but you would still ask the million dollar question “ME”?? (You may want to understand the comparison)

I was thinking the other day, there are two sides to everything I have ever wanted to do. I either do it or I do not do it. If I do it I can either fail (and learn a valuable lesson) or succeed (and help others to also succeed). If I do not do it , I may regret why I never did it and I do not think I can live with any more regrets.

Lessons I want us to learn: Stop thinking of yourself as less. Stop undermining your God given strengths. Stop thinking of reasons why it will not work and JUST DO IT.
Let us start working on our 2017 resolutions shall we? Feel free to share them with me. We all need something to keep us going. We are going to make it a great year for ourselves.

Closing quote: “What if I fall? Oh but my darling what if you fly?”


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