Today I choose…


I choose love.

I choose kindness.

I choose peace.

I choose compassion and empathy.

I was listening to the radio the other day and a question was asked : Do we choose to have a bad day? I honestly said no. Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen all the time. We all know someone who we think has a heart of gold , and every time something happens to them we say “they didn’t deserve it”. The reality is no one deserves bad things happening in their life.

We do not choose for the things that happen to us to happen to us. If only we could huh? Well , the radio presenter went on to say that we choose not to have a bad day. Now this may be confusing. But this is how I interpreted it: We make the conscious decision to be happy. We acknowledge our storm and we decide that it is not going to change the happy people that we are.

I know I have been in one of those days when everything was just wrong. I decided I was not going to project all those negative feelings to the world. I will not be negative and mean and rude and and and to people who did not even know what the problem was. In conclusion, I agree with the presenter we do not choose to have a bad day but we do choose to have a great day. We need to consciously look for ways to be happy everyday and choose not to allow that bad day to turn us into bad people.

What is your take? Do we choose to have a bad day? Can we decide to be happy? (I am interested in hearing what you think)

Closing quote: “Whatever you are not changing you are choosing”Laurie Buchanan


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