I think some of the people that we call “haters” don’t ever hate us. It seems like our generation is having some difficulty accepting the truth. Some people genuinely try to lead us back when we seem to be lost, but if you have not yet figured out exactly what it is they are doing it can be confused for hate. When someone tells you that they do not like the guy/ girl you are in a relationship with because of reasons ABC and D no matter how much proof they bring, something inside you calls them jealous. We just do not want to be told otherwise. We don’t want people to disagree with our actions no matter how absurd they may be.

Part of growing up is realizing that my parents have always and will always have my best interests at heart. When I was young I could have sworn they did not want me to enjoy life, I was convinced they were sent to make my life miserable and dull. Now looking back, I am eternally grateful. I realised that every time they said “we cannot do it for you” they were teaching me to do it myself. There are so many lessons that are surfacing as I grow. Now back to these people we call “haters”, are they really hating?

I have had people ask me for my “honest opinion” and I after I share it they get mad. I always wonder if it was not sincere enough. Or I was too sincere. I realised though that it is because we all have the truth we want to hear. The classical question from women “Do these jeans make me look fat?” This is honestly not even a question, but we will discuss this another day. There is an answer every woman who asks this question expects to hear, for those who do not know the answer is always NO! Now, I want us to take this picture and apply it to my previous statement…the truth we want to hear. When people do not give it to us we are offended. I can almost say it is like writing a play, giving the actor a script and he just does not follow it.

We need to be humble enough to accept the truth as it is no matter how bitter it is. My pastor once said that we need to stop reading the parts of the bible we like, we need to read and live by everything. Well, that applies to the truth too it will always be the truth whether or not we are ready to hear it. We need to be able to understand that we are not always right and we must be able to accept correction, sometimes even defeat. I want us all to re-evaluate the people we say hate us or call “haters” do they really hate you or are you blinded by the truth you want to hear?

Closing quote: “We react to situations how we are and not how they are”


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