The power of knowing yourself.

Back at it with my clichés, but like I posted on Facebook I believe there is some truth to all of life’s clichés. Today, I want to talk about knowing yourself and just how powerful that is. I have this picture in my head of  my primary school years. I would like to believe that we were all told, we were taught and we were showed that 1+1=2. If some one tried to convince you otherwise now, I doubt they would succeed. Why? the power of knowing.

I think when you truly know yourself you become unshakeable. The barking dogs do not get your attention, because you know yourself and exactly where you are going. Some of us just knew the people we were from a very young age, we did not have to search far and wide. Some however, had to search for themselves. They looked in other people, in things, in situations until eventually they found themselves. Some had to lose themselves until they could find who they truly are. Some of us are still searching…keep going.

We constantly make the mistake of taking what others say about us to heart. We make what they say define us, we become what they say we are. See knowing yourself means that when others say things about you, not only are you not bothered but you are unmoved. Say no to some one just once and they will forever call you selfish. Tell someone the honest truth and they will forever call you mean and jealous. This is not you, and this is most definitely not who you should become.

Most people who think that they know us are actually just looking at us from the outside. They see what they want to see, and most of the time you can not change the image that they have of you. See how crazy this sounds? why then are we moved by people who think they know us when in fact they don’t? Why do we allow their comments about who they think we are get us down? Why do we give them air time to even speak about us? There are many answers but one could be that we are looking for ourselves between the lines of what they say. We are trying to find ourselves in their opinions.

I do not want to sound like a hypocrite telling you not to mind what other people say about you when in fact I too am bothered. Do not be misled I have not mastered the art yet, I am slowly finding out that the picture painted of me is not really me. I can not trust anyone to write my story for me, I will do it myself. I will therefore not give people the duty to tell me who I am and what I can and can not do, I will do it myself. We need to be true to ourselves to find our true selves. Trust me there is no power that compares to that of knowing yourself.

I found in solitude that I am an introvert. I found out in the shower that I can never pursue a career in music. I believe this is exactly where the key to finding yourself is: knowing that only you can find you. What amazing things about yourself have you found? Do you like who you are? Do you think you know exactly wo you are? (let’s talk)

Closing quoteThe most difficult thing in life is to know yourself” -Thales



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