I just can’t figure this out!!

We all go through a time when we feel like we have reached our maximum level, we no longer want to tolerate things, we do not want to be kind to unkind people any longer, we do not want to listen to people talk about themselves all the time, we are just fed with everything and everyone… yes that time. I have always called the moment breaking point.

Can we really  call it breaking point? It is the realisation of fatigue in self by self. You know what? that is normal. We have those days, some of us more frequent than others (you may want to check this website out ( https://depression.org.nz/is-it-depression-anxiety/self-test/ ) but at the end of the day no one has it all figured out. No one! I find pleasure in reminding myself this every time I feel like I have no fight left in me, every time I want to throw in the towel or take a bow and watch the curtains closing.

We are literally just figuring things out as we move. I have never read of anyone who has mastered the art to life and living , I bet no one is even trying because we know of our imperfections and do  not count them as flows or as inadequacies. They are a part of us, they make us who we are.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You are allowed to breathe, to take a break, to do what you love, to not have it all figured out because the fact of the matter is that no one does. We all know of the “participation award” have you ever wondered why they give those out? Well, people think you are just being consoled and thanked for coming. I believe there is more to it though… EFFORT. They are acknowledging your effort, the fact that you came, you tried, you gave it your best is an achievement on it’s own.

Let us carry this mind-set with us. Let us remember that giving it our best, just putting in the effort is all that is required of us. Go ahead and pat yourself on the shoulder for the million times you gave it your best, even if it did not work out at least you tried  Closing Quote:

   “Perfection is an illusion and those who seek perfection will find themselves unfulfilled their whole lives.”


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