I will wait.

Also inspired by a conversation I had with a friend.

Do you ever feel like your life is literally just standing still? Like nothing is happening? Well, I think it is safe to assume that we have all felt that way once or twice before. We usually aren’t just looking at our own lives though, we are looking at our lives in comparison to her life or his life. We ask ourselves how it is happening for them and not for us. Well child even the bible knows we ask ourselves this sometimes, hence Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 “A time for everything”

Our lives if only we didn’t compare them to other peoples lives aren’t really as bad as we think. If you are working towards making your life change that is even better. In your pursuit for “a better life” however don’t forget to pause and look back at how far you have come, sometimes that is the pat on the shoulder you need to keep on going. That is the well done the world did not give you. That may as well be your audience, your die hard fan this is your silent testimony.

We may not all admit this, but our dreams have scared us at a certain point. You have looked at your dream house and where you are now and wondered, can it really happen? You look at where you want to be and your circumstances right now and you say, that’s probably pushing it a little. Child, let your dreams take flight. Do not be a circumstantial dreamer, stop dreaming within your circumstances, caging the wild creatures that are dreams. You are capable of achieving anything.

I have plans to be great, and they scare me sometimes. I associate myself with people whose dreams are even scarier than mine. I consider it a blessing if you are able to remind yourself of the light even while you are still in the tunnel.

My prayer for us all:

Lord, we will wait. We will wait until you give us the go ahead, until you say it is time. We ask for patience as we wait. We pray for a testimony that will inspire others. We pray that one day we will be able to reminisce  nostalgically at how far you would have brought us.



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