Nice people problems.

So I know all the nice people will relate…(hint hint if you are not nice stop reading) saying no is the most hardest thing ever! You know you don’t want to go but you don’t want to say no because you are afraid you will somewhat sound rude/ mean/ anti-social! Its such a terrible feeling and it is so because we think about what they are going to think of us, and we worry that we probably aren’t as nice as we think.

I am taking back my power. I want to be able to say no and not feel a shred of guilt, I mean this is my life technically I come first. Before pleasing you I want to make sure that I am pleased. So I know this will be a journey, but I am honestly just praying for strength at this point in time, the strength to say no. If you cant find it in you then go hard core, ask yourself this: if the tables were turned and I was asking would they do what I do for them? if your answer is no then you know what to do.

I think another problem that nice people have (I am excluding myself now, I’m not that nice) is seeing the best in people even when they show you time and time again the kind of people they are. You just keep on believing that this serial liar will magically wake up one day and not be a liar? Its a good and a bad thing, good if you are trusting God to  help them change. Bad if you are just waiting on the universe to do something. Bad if you have to lose yourself while trying to help “fix them”.

Dear nice people its  a new month, can we take this bold step together? Can we learn to say no and not feel bad? Can we stop sacrificing ourselves? Can we be selfish and put ourselves first for a change? I believe we can do this, you have to believe it too.


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