Is that a flaw I see?

The journey to self acceptance and self love is not  as straight or as easy as people make it seem. People don’t often share what they went through, how many bullet wounds they actually survived to develop the thick skin they have today. the truth however is that it wasn’t easy, they had to walk up mountains, down the valley, across volcanoes… you get the picture?

I realised last night as I was doing my usual exploring on social media that no one is perfect. Cliché, I know. But seriously no one is perfect, look at the most beautiful girl you know and you see her posting pictures of other girls captioned “body goals” “woman crush Wednesday” and you thought she was perfect, but she does not see it that way and thinks other girls are perfect who also think other girls are perfect… that was a mouthful.

The naked truth is that, we are all hiding our insecurities! Some people just hide them better than others, these people we call “confident” and others? well others are working on themselves and we would call them “people with low self esteem”. Now, I want you to be careful you don’t enjoy bringing people down. You know you have your own flaws and insecurities, why would you want to help magnify mine?

Some of us thirst for affirmation and we don’t know this. The likes on Instagram? why are you counting? do you really have to be naked? why are you tagging me and nineteen other people in your selfie? Small things right? and then you post you don’t care what people think about you, child don’t fool yourself. You thrive on being affirmed by random strangers on social media. You are beautiful! I wish you knew this and did not thirst to hear it from anyone and everyone. I wish you knew just how much some other girl is looking at you and saying “if only I was like that” because at the end of the day the truth is  we are flawed.

Let your light shine bright. Brighter than the stars, but be careful you don’t focus all your energy on how bright your light is compared to mine. I may be flawed, but so are you and its okay to be flawed. Just don’t let your flaws deprive you of your happiness, your are nt your flaws.


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