“Some friends walk into your life and leave footprints on your heart”

I have heard people say when you have good friends you have everything, I may not agree entirely with this statement but there is some truth to it. I am a teenager trying to make it work in this roller-coaster called life and there are just somethings that happen to me that I can not talk to my parents openly about. I can already imagine the conversation between my parents and I as I tell them about the crush I have on this cute guy… not going to work out. I believe that’s why God gave us friends, oh and cousins. I have been granted the opportunity to enjoy both.

I call myself an outspoken introvert, and this may be a uhm-what situation but God gave me friends who understand and love me as I am, all my sarcasm, my crazy laugh, and my two cent opinion for everything. Friends are like you, so I feel like when you have good friends with good energy that is just the universe telling you that you are a good person too. I mean I have read quotes that say “you attract the energy you give out” so… do the math.

I am just happy to have friends who know, love and understand me. It is very important to be our own team but again no man is an island! There are still good people in this world. I know for a fact that if I was not feeling so good and I need to talk and I called my friend they would talk, I have called my friends when they were studying, sleeping, napping, with other people and they always make time for me. I am not touchy-feely but I know a good thing when I have it. I said the other day on my twitter that a good friend is like a diamond, precious and rare.

If you have at least one friend that you can count on to have your back, you have more than you think. There is a quote from That Awkward Moment that I love “being there for someone when they need you most, that is all relationships are about” after I heard this I had an uh-huh moment, because that is basically what relationships are about (friendships, romantic relationships, family relations…). Count yourself lucky if you have people or a person you can without a doubt call a friend. See you don’t even have to talk to them everyday but when you do you talk for all the days you didn’t talk. Friends are angels on earth, our chosen family, a reminder from the universe that there is some good in us too.

Tell a friend you appreciate them, they may just need to hear it.


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