Day one of the social media detox

So I recently just evaluated the amount of time I spend online doing God knows what. From looking at peoples posts on Facebook to their pictures on Instagram it was just way too much time. I also realised how ungrateful I have been lately. Who would blame me though? I follow the Bonang’s of the world I see them travel the world, look very happy about life, dine at the finest restaurants and meet the greatest of people among other things. I did not look at their lives and be inspired anymore, instead I questioned when I would get to that stage in my life. I felt like my life was just stagnant and nothing was happening. Now that I think about it, I mean write about it on my LAPTOP using this WIFI and sipping on CHAI LATTE after the HOT BATH I just took I feel ashamed. I might not be where I think I am supposed to be but I am also not where some people unfortunately are. I have what many people may consider to be a luxury and I am from an average background trust me, KFC used to be big at my house anyway I am still blessed. Talking about blessings, it is impossible that I start this journey to merely be a better person I have other goals I’m looking towards as well, I plan to read more, interact more with people and just live among other things but most importantly I plan to re-ignite my relationship with Christ My Saviour.


Here begins a journey of a thousand miles…


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